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“After taking the I Heart Money course I made my monthly income in 1 day! I went from making $2k-$3k a month to $8K in 1 day! Since the course, not only have I tripled my rates (and booked a client!) but I’ve also found my true gifts as a coach. My life has completely transformed in the past couple months…I don’t know whose life this is but I love it.”

Shannon DePalma - I Heart Money Student

“The IHML Membership has been the best investment I have made for myself... It is your one stop shop for learning the tools you need create a life better than your dreams as well as giving you the confidence to back it up and the accountability to make sure you actually take the steps necessary to move forward with your goals and desires. Since joining the membership program I have had so many breakthroughs and ‘aha moments’... I’ve gained clarity, improved my mindset and have utilised my connections within the IHML community. I’ve got an accountability partner that I now talk with every two weeks, I’ve organised a weekly podcast session with one of the members and I have connected with a couple of other women who are interested in my services and are providing feedback so that I can continue to learn and grow. I feel like I’ve barely scratched the service of all the membership has to offer and I’m so excited to dive further in. If you’re on the fence about joining my advice is to just go for it. You won’t regret it!" ”

Natalie Riede - IHML Membership Program Student

““Emily Williams teaches you exactly what to do to host a workshop that will provide unbelievable value culminating in a 6-figure success story.””

Tricia Brouk - 6-Figure Virtual Workshop Student

“"I Heart Coaching is THE best training I've experienced for people looking to become online coaches. From A to Z, Emily and James walk you through every step of the process: choosing your ideal client, developing your first program, and marketing that program. Through my time in the program, I went from having a "premium" hobby (I don't say the word "expensive" anymore), to making 150% of what I earned in my full-time job as an attorney. I can't say enough wonderful things about how this program can help you move forward with your dreams."”

Anna Powers - I Heart Coaching Student

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